From the Novice to the Experienced Paddler, to the Birder or serious Photographer, we've got you covered. All of our tours are led by our Lead Guide Kenny Boyd and rated "Excellent' on TripAdvisor. Whether you are looking for corporate team building, a lazy day on the water, family reunion or kayaking 101 instructions, we are happy to custom design your kayak experience or you can choose from these tours we have put together below. Our kayak tours are centrally located near Orlando, Daytona Beach, Ocala, The Villages and Mt Dora, FL so feel free to call us at 352-589-7899 or email us when you are ready to take an amazing kayak trip on Central Florida's beautiful waterways! 

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Paddling in Florida's Winter, it's a magical time!

Brrrrr it was a bit chilly this morning on the St Johns River. Winter is finally here! Paddling in the sun was the theme of the day today. There were several Manatees out, most sticking close to the warm waters of the spring run. This made for some really good viewing. Lots of bird life out too; we saw Anhingas, Tri-colored, Great and Little Blue Herons, Great Egrets, Wood Storks and a few White Ibis. We got to see the Sandhill Cranes flying overhead and we spotted the Bald Eagle up on his usual roost. We also saw a Limpkin, got a good Wild Turkey flyby, saw several Turtles out sunning on the logs and even a few Alligators that were out catching some rays. It was a great day for a trip on the river! 

Paddling the kayaks on the St Johns River Thursday November 5, 2015

Out and about on the St Johns River today. November 5th was sunshine, 87 degrees, cool breeze and yep that's what Florida is all about! The Climbing Astor is in full bloom along with the yellow Primrose. We saw one young Manatee as it swam under our kayaks in the spring run. In the big St Johns and Snake Creek area we spied many birds. The Great Blue and Little Blue Herons, Great and Snowy Egrets, Red-shouldered Hawks, White Ibis and a few Wood Storks were all out feeding this morning. We paddled into the floodplain swamps and took a break then headed to the boat launch with the breeze at our backs. We drifted past several Turtles out sunning and got to see one small Gator. It was a fun time on the water!

Kayaking the beautifully high Silver River

September 30th, 2015 was a great day to be paddling. The normally clear Silver River is tea colored with it's swamps overflowing. The Cypress Knees are just above the waterline and we were fortunate to witness this occurance. There was lots to see; Limpkins, Anhingas, Tri-colored Herons, Little Blue, Green and Black Crowned Night Herons too. The Pied-billed Grebes are migrating down again, King Fishers, Wood Ducks, Moorhens, Pileated Woodpeckers and the Siver River Monkeys made an appearance along with a few Gators and Turtles that were out sunning. The rains we've had lately has set the stage for the natural ocelation of the swamps and it's the very thing the wildlife needs to thrive. They depend on this yearly happening and it makes for a really cool kayak trip.

Viewing Florida's wildlife and kayaking the spring run July 31, 2015

We had the pleasure of paddling with a group of 4 from Russia this morning and the St Johns River didn't disappoint! It's always a treat to show off our part of Florida to people from far away lands. The Swamp Hibiscus and Rose Mallow are blooming along the river's edge and the Water Hickory's branches that are loaded with nuts are hanging low. We watched the Great and Little Blue Herons and Great Egrets fishing in the lilies and the Ospreys and Swallow-tailed Kites were flying over head, dipping down to the river for a quick drink. We got to see a few large Alligators today and in the clear waters of the spring run the Longnose Gar, Mullet, Catfish, Bream and Tilapia could easily be seen. We also spent some time observing 2 young Manatees that were playing around in the run. This was a fantastic day to be on the river. Time flies when you have a kayak paddle in your hands.