From the Novice to the Experienced Paddler, to the Birder or serious Photographer, we've got you covered. Whether you are looking for corporate team building, a school field trip, family reunion or kayaking 101 instructions, our staff will be happy to custom design your kayak experience or you can choose from these tours we have put together below. All of our tours are centrally located near Orlando, Daytona Beach, Ocala, The Villages and Mt Dora. Feel free to call us at 352-589-7899 or email us at when you are ready to take a kayaking trip on Florida's beautiful waterways! 

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Kayaking near Daytona Beach October 2014

Near Daytona Beach, Florida there are several excellent kayaking opportunities. Just a few miles outside Daytona you can paddle with the Manatees, kayak the swamps of Blackwater Lake, relax on the Wekiva River or run the fast waters of Emerald Cut. Don't want to be stuck with 30 other paddlers clanging and banging down the river then this is the tour for you. With Central Florida Nature Adventures, llc 352-589-7899 or jenny@kayakcentralflorida you'll experience the back waters that Daytona has to offer with Native Floridians. This is where we grew up playing and we can't wait to help you Discover Florida's Wildlife! This is a sneak peek of Blackwater Lake. Some of the oldest Cypress Trees in Central Florida exist here and the vegetation that surrounds this area is simply breathtaking!  

Kayak Paddling near Ocala September 27, 2014

Coming from all over the world our customers are absolutely awesome people, real Troopers I must say. No matter what... the threat of rain, sleet, wind or wasn't going to keep us off the river today! The wildlife felt the same way. We got to paddle with the Double Crested Cormorants, White Ibis were rooting around and Little Blue Herons in all 3 phases, blue, white and spotted ;-). The Green Herons were out and about as were the Kingfishers and Moorhens. The logs were lined with Red and Yellow-bellied Turtles and the Cardinal Flower, Milkweed and Spadderdock are all in bloom. There are lots of Apple Snail Eggs this year which is a good sign and the Gators sunning on the logs made for a nice cap to the journey back. There is never  dull moment on the Silver River,  it's just great entertainment!        

Taking the Family Kayaking near Orlando July 31, 2014

The Wekiva River blessed us with Summer's inhabitants today. The Scarlet and Swamp Hibiscus, Pickerel Weed, Elderberry, Spadderdock and Eel Grass are all in bloom. Mullet were jumping out of the water and we spotted a few Gators but they disappeared before we got close. The Great Egrets, Little and Great Blue Herons, Limpkins, Green Herons, Moorhens, Anhingas and Opsreys all showed up along the way ;-).

The Aussie's Rock Springs Run June 25, 2014

Leanne and the Aussie crew paddled Rock Springs Run today and we got to hear the Male Gator rumble. Like a Lion's roar, it's an unforgettable sound. The Pickerel Weed, Spider Lilies, Spatterdock, Elderberry and Water Hemlock are all in bloom now and the Limpkins and Great Egrets came out to visit with us. The run is crystal clear and the water a welcome 72 degrees. It was a great day to be on the river and a great group with which to share it!