Thank You for 12 Awesome Years! We couldn't have asked for a better group of people to share our rivers with!

Don't want to paddle with the masses? Book "Your" kayak tour here! We're all about experiencing the wildlife and we only paddle in small groups. Your tour will be led by our Lead Guide Kenny Boyd and all are rated "Excellent' on TripAdvisor. From the Novice to the experienced Paddler, to the Birder or serious Photographer, we've got you covered. Whether you are looking for a nature lover's wildlife adventure, family fun, a lazy day on the water or kayak 101 instructions, we are happy to help you customize your kayaking expedition. Our guided kayak tours are centrally located near Orlando, Daytona Beach, Ocala, The Villages and Mt Dora, FL. 

As of January 2019 we have completed our last commercial kayak tour. We cherish the awesome memories created with some awesome people and we sooo appreciate the friends we've made along the way! This blog is frozen in time so those who have memories here can continue to enjoy them! 
Paddle On Friends!   

Dora Canal Kayak Tour

A local icon, old Florida cypress swamp. Blink your eyes and you are in Seminole Indian country. Big trees, lots of birds. The Great Blue, Little Blue, Tri-colored & Night Herons, Great Egret, Osprey, Anhinga and Cormorants all nest in these beautiful tall trees. The sounds of the rookery let us know that Spring has sprung. A great tour for the early riser it's a real nice 2-3 hour getaway from it all!
Level of Difficulty: No Experience Necessary 

St Johns River/Blue Springs Kayaking Tours 

Kayaker's Oasis just North of Orlando

Just a few miles North of Orlando is Rock Springs Run and Emerald Cut. With the natural beauty of Giant Leather Ferns, Eel Grass swaying in the clear water and the wildlife that resides there it's truly a kayaker's oasis. Rick and Char joined us for a Pre-Thanksgiving tour and it was a beautiful morning to be kayaking. Right off the bat we had a Kingfisher fly-by, Rick spotted a Great Blue Heron sitting high in the Fox Grape Vine, Turtles were out sunning sharing their log with a small Gator and we saw Little Blue Herons in the white and blue phases. Then we headed up Emerald Cut. The fast water you paddle getting up the cut makes for a really nice glide downstream. It was a fantastic morning spent with some awesome people paddling a beautiful kayaker's oasis!

Family Fun kayaking Silver River with Mother Nature!

It’s always a fun time when we get to go kayaking with a really cool family. Silver River and Mother Nature teamed up today to create an awesome wildlife movie for us! They were full of surprises as usual. From the bright orange bills on the White Ibis, the colorful male Wood Ducks, the Big Gator owning his spot to watching the Otters play it all made for an awesome day of paddling. Anhingas, Yellow-bellied and Red-bellied Turtles were basking in the sun, the Cardinal Flower is in full bloom, the laughter and songs of the boys Oh and Manatees too. We couldn’t have asked for a better day to be on the river or a better group to share it with!