Don't want to paddle with the masses? Book "Your" kayak tour here! We're all about experiencing the wildlife and we only paddle in small groups. Your tour will be led by our Lead Guide Kenny Boyd and all are rated "Excellent' on TripAdvisor. From the Novice to the experienced Paddler, to the Birder or serious Photographer, we've got you covered. Whether you are looking for a nature lover's wildlife adventure, family fun, a lazy day on the water or kayak 101 instructions, we are happy to help you customize your kayaking expedition. Our guided kayak tours are centrally located near Orlando, Daytona Beach, Ocala, The Villages and Mt Dora, FL. 

As of January 2019 we have completed our last commercial kayak tour. We cherish the awesome memories created with some awesome people and we sooo appreciate the friends we've made along the way! This blog is frozen in time so those who have memories here can continue to enjoy them! 
Paddle On Friends!   

Dora Canal Kayak Tour

A local icon, old Florida cypress swamp. Blink your eyes and you are in Seminole Indian country. Big trees, lots of birds. The Great Blue, Little Blue, Tri-colored & Night Herons, Great Egret, Osprey, Anhinga and Cormorants all nest in these beautiful tall trees. The sounds of the rookery let us know that Spring has sprung. A great tour for the early riser it's a real nice 2-3 hour getaway from it all!
Level of Difficulty: No Experience Necessary 

St Johns River/Blue Springs Kayaking Tours 


Anonymous said...

My family have just returned from Orlando and we did a great kayaking trip through Central Florida Kayak Tours. Kenny and Jenny Boyd run this business and couldn't be more friendly or helpful.
The Salter Family, England

Anonymous said...

Great work.

Anonymous said...

Carol Torbey said...
Hi Jenny & Kenny, Thanks for the beautiful kayaking birthday trip! We really enjoyed spending the day on the river with the two of you. We have done many kayak trips over the years and we both thought the silver river was one of the best trips ever. Thanks again! Carol & Frank

Anonymous said...

Donna Lentini said...
Jen and Ken . . . thank you so much for the two wonderful kayak trips. Lil Amazon was wonderful, and who knew (except Ken), the lily pad variations! You were so nice to take me out when you had no one else booked. Lil Amazon was a perfect half day paddle and a great warm up for Silver Springs the next day. It was one of the few Florida paddles I put on my must-do-again list. 2009 – Silver Springs again and hopefully two more trips. You guys are the BEST! Not only great paddles, but suggestions on sites not to be missed (Fern Hammock at Juniper Springs – incredible). Thanks again for a wonderful “Central Florida ” experience. Donna

Anonymous said...

Thank you again for such a great trip. It was exactly what I was looking for!

Anonymous said...

Jenny, Kenny,
Will and I had a great time! Thank you so much. Will wants to make it an annual tradition and that is just what we will do. Unfortunately the gator pics did not come out, the camera was out of memory. So it will have to be "one that got away".
Best wishes in 2009.
Rodger Burgess

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for the pictures! I have them at my desk at work and flashback to the rivers when ever I stop and look at them. I can't tell you how much I miss the wildlife, the scenery, and both of you. Kenny was such a plus to our getaway. His knowledge was amazing and even though he must venture these rivers over and over again he seemed like one of us who is seeing them for the first time and he made it special for us. I am back to craziness in my life right now and have not had time to download the video I took but as soon as I do I will send it your way. Huge thanks it was what Mike and I needed and it was more exciting and peaceful then we thought it would be.
The Reuperts,
Cheryl and Mike
We shall return...

Mary Buckwalter said...

Jenny, What a great time I had paddling today with Ken on Rock Springs! Here is a link to my Picassa pictures which turned out pretty good somehow. Feel free to use them. The alligator pic is awesome as he was. Keep up the great work and I hope to paddle again sometime soon with you.
All the best,
Mary Buckwalter

Linda Lanosa said...

Thank you for sending the picture. Everyone had a great time. The
trip was a real winner!!! Thank you both so much. Linda

Richard & Danielle Tognieri said...

We had such a great time today learning to kayak with Kenny. He's a great teacher and was so interesting to talk with. Gosh, he knows so much about Florida wildlife. It was fun to hear all the interesting facts about the animals we found. Much thanks to him!

Xiomy Castillo said...

Hi Jennifer, I wanted to thank you and Kenny for the wonderful time our family had kayaking on Saturday; my daughter Vanessa enjoyed every minute of if and we definitely will be doing it again.

Kathy McClenahan said...

Thanks so much Kenny and Jen. Bruce had a fantastic day and said it was his best birthday ever. He loved it!!

Tim Mlodzik said...

Hey Jenny, we all got a good chuckle seeing ourselves on your web page…nice touch. Thanks for a GREAT day on the water. I sat in the pool at the resort yesterday and told everyone about your business and river trips. I suspect some will be coming your way as they were all fascinated, especially about the monkeys.
Take care,
Hello to Kenny as well!

Allan and Lori Stamm said...

We had a fabulous time for our anniversary. Thank you for being our guides. We are thrilled to have had this wonderful opportunity to take a private kayaking tour of Blackwater river & lake. This is a memorable trip that is cherished. We appreciate everything so much. Also thanks for your great photos.

John & Val Zimny said...

Kenny, many thanks for being such an excellent guide, we will certainly keep your details for when we come back to Florida

Betsy & Len said...

Jenny and Kenny,

Thanks again, we had a great time doing Rock Springs Run and enjoyed that it was a little more challenging than simple flat water paddling. What a nice way to see Florida and it's different habitats.
I will send you my photos when I have gone home and downloaded them.

Betsy and Len

Grant and Belinda said...

We had a blast! I will definitely keep in touch to do this again.
thanks for guys make an awesome team.
grant and belinda

Chris and Chanie Pritchard said...

Hey guys,

Thanks for this. We had a great time, and if we’re ever back in FL we’ll be sure to look you up!

I’ve attached some small photos from yesterday

Chanie Pritchard, D.A.
Sage Media Design

Darrell Diemer said...

Thanks for making my first Kayaking experience a great one. I was amazed at how close you could get to the wildlife. It was so peaceful and relaxing back among the cypress trees.
Thanks again!

Alex and Judy said...

We had a wonderful time and appreciate the photos. You can see my photos from the trip at:
Alex and Judy

Jerry Robinson 12/3/09 said...

Hi Jen,
The four of us had a great time. The wildlife was amazing and the kayaks were so comfortable. Please thank Kenny for making it a great day.
All the best

Brian Woodward said...

Thanks for the pictures. We had a great time and will be sure to kayak with you next time we are down in Orlando.

kim crowe said...

dear kenny and jenn,
thank you so much!! for the pics, for the patience, for the manatee close-ups... it was a amazing, i can't stop talking about it to everyone and can't wait to see you all again next year. unfortunately i am back in new jersey already...

blessings for a happy, healthy, wealthy, peaceful, relaxing, and rewarding new year!!!
kim crowe

Harmon Maher said...

Thanks so much for the pictures and the tours. They were definitely a highlight of our trip down to Florida. As I drove back to the hotel the night after the Rock Springs tour, encountering what seems to be the nightly traffic madness at our Disney hotel complex, I was thinking how nuts it is that so many people come down to Florida, and how few really get to see it as we did. We did go to the springs after the paddle, and despite the cold weather all three kids wanted to swim. Attached is photographic proof. Our pictures from Rock Springs came out decent. Let us know if you want a few. Best of luck in the New Year. Cheers.
Dr. Harmon D. Maher Jr.

Lenny & Sandy Cohen said...

Hi Jenny and Kenny:
Loved the tour! Incredible scenery and a knowledgeable and friendly guide -- a great combo. We felt especially lucky to see the little green heron!! We hope to return sometime for the Silver River tour. Maybe during the summer? Do you think it's too hot and mosquitoey then? Here are a couple more pix.
Thanks again -

Richard Wifall said...

Hi Kenny and Jenny,

Thank you for the pictures. We both had a great time! We enjoyed Kenny's information about the birds and wildlife.


Michael Greer said...

Hi Jenny,

Thanks for sending the pictures. We had a great time! Kenny was great!!!! Hope to do it again!!!

Paula Collier-Ward said...

Dear Jenny - We had such a lovely day kayaking -it was a special highlight in our holiday and I've already distributed your leaflets and recommended you to 2 people! We really appreciated the laid back approach from both of you and Kenny was good company and very knowledgable! Put this testimonial on your website too if you like! All the best, Paula Collier-Ward

Linda Paquin said...

Hi Jenny;

Many thanks for the photos - you really got them up fast - I have sent to many friends and family as they might find it hard to believe "non-sportsy" me actually did it and loved it.

I'll definitely return - hopefully before I go north for the summer!!

Thanks again for a superb tour!

Linda Paquin

Linda Paquin said...

And for "first-timers", you and Kenny are the ones to go with - you're both very pleasant, personable and patient, informative, and make sure everyone is totally safe, relaxed and comfortable and you make sure everyone has a wonderful time!

Thx again,

Joy Andrews said...

Thank you so much for the photos, Jenny. Could you tell us again the exact name of those two wonderful pelican-like birds behind us? We learned so many bird names and are having trouble remembering them all. Next time we will carry a notebook.

Thanks to both you and Kenny for your kindness and patience while we awaited the manatees. We had an amazing time and definitely want to do another tour.


Jeremy Purk said...

Just wanted to let you know that I had a great time on the Silver River. I plan on coming back down next year. Tell Kenny I'll try to practice on my kayaking skills. Ha ha. Thanks for making this a wonderful trip to Florida. I'll see ya next year. Jeremy

Michael and Isobel Rahn said...

We really appreciated Kenny's guiding us, not only to see the manatees but also his pointing out and identifying birds which we would have missed.

Michael and Isobel

Gary Poole said...

Our tour with Kenny was awsome. We saw so much nature and wild life it was incredible. Kenny was a book of knowledge on the history and types of plants and birds.It was so relaxing.What a thrill to see the monkies fighting and playing.Thank You both for a great day. Thanks for the photos as well.
Gary Poole

George Spencer said...

"My tour of the St. John's River was fantastic! My tour guides kept the trip lively and made it accessible for people of all ages and abilities. Kenny and Jen were knowledgeable and experienced. Highly recommended!"


John Pannucci said...

Jen & Kenny

Just getting back to NY and being able to get emails. We enjoyed the kayak tour immensely. I appreciate your time and guidance and would definitely love to do this again the next time we come back down here. When I get back and get my pictures developed if I have some good ones I will forward a few to you. It was a beautiful day and the scenery and surroundings were so unique. Kenny knows his stuff and was great with the kids.
Thanks again for everything and I will surely do this again at another spot with you all.


Sara Turner said...

Hi Kenny & Jen-
We just arrived back to Ohio this afternoon and it's our first opportunity to see the pictures. It was a SUPER day. The kayak trip was definitely a highlight for us all! Kenny did a terrific job with all of us, but especially the way he helped Mom and Jud feel comfortable was impressive. He's a terrific guide and great company on a paddling trip and we thank him for making our day so enjoyable.

This was the best experience we could have ever had and we talked up your paddling company to everyone in Mom's neighborhood! They were so impressed and we hope you get some more business from Melbourne!

Thanks again for making this such a great trip. Mom was glad she had a chance to get out in a boat and we have had lots of fun talking about the day.

Take care and best wishes to you both!
Sara Turner

Leslie Stewart said...

Hi Jen and Kenny,
We are back and settling into our work routines. We had a fabulous time with Kenny. I was disappointed that I didn't get to meet you Jenny, you sound very friendly in email and on the phone. Your husband is a very endearing tour guide and we totally enjoyed our day with him. Thank you both so much for the opportunity to kayak in your back yard. It is truly gorgeous.

Yours truly,
Leslie, Mike and Brenan

PS. Kenny, your camera worked great, thanks for the pics.

Best Military Surplus said...

This is exactly what all those who live in the North need this time of year. We're already eagerly anticipating the gets tough to kayak when it gets cold.

Debbi Cian said...

Jenny and Kenny,

Can't tell you how much we enjoyed the run down the Wekiva River. I'm sure there's nothing I can tell you that you haven't heard before about your exceptional customer service and easy accommodating nature. Imagine if the whole world functioned like your operation!

What we didn't know before we went out was that being with Kenny felt like being with an old friend, one we could trust and learn from. Not to mention have load of laughs and shared stories.

The day was absolutely perfect. Skies as blue as Utah and air cold and fresh. I suppose everyone thought it was too cold to go out and we had the river to ourselves. (Pantyhose are the best insulators) The birds didn't spook and we got to get in real close. Looking forward to meeting you Jenny and trying out the other runs.

I think Laurie's photos came out pretty good, hope you enjoy. And Kenny, thanks for turning us on to pizza flavored Doritos.

Debbi Cian

Jenny Boyd said...

To view more comments, please see the photo posts directly below. Come visit Nature's Secret Spots with us, we'd love to have you!
Jenny Boyd

David Pettee said...

Jen and Kenny are patient and informed guides, who made sure that all their customers were safe and comfortable. The Wekiva River where we kayaked was beautiful and full of wildlife. The trip passed far too quickly. I highly recommend a Central Florida Nature Adventures kayak tour for the beginner as well as the more experienced kayaker and bird watcher.

Rev. David Pettee
Newton, MA

Dan and Pat said...

We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. Went to Julianne's and bought the book/map that Kenny recommended. We hope to check out a LOT of the places it mentions. We told everyone at breakfast, at the Magnolia Inn about your tours, and we are sure we will go back!
Thank you for sharing all your knowledge; you might have created a couple of new birdwatchers!

Dan and Pat

PS Great pictures!

Frank Carey said...

We had great time. Look forward to another paddle soon.

Ani said...

thank you for the pictures. we enjoyed paddling as well. we will definitely come back again to kayak.

current events in florida said...

Jen and Kenny are patient and informed guides, who made sure that all their customers were safe and comfortable. The Wekiva River where we kayaked was beautiful and full of wildlife. The trip passed far too quickly. I highly recommend a Central Florida Nature Adventures kayak tour for the beginner as well as the more experienced kayaker and bird watcher.

LeAnn said...

Jon and I had a fantastic time out on the river with Kenny! It was an incredibly educational experience, but also laid back and very fun. We would love to do another trip out this winter with Central FL Nature Adventures, and we will be in touch.

I hope you all have a Merry Christmas!

Michelle Hamilton said...

Highly recommend this tour group! Our guide Kenny was outstanding. He'll show you "real Florida" on this tour. Had such a great time I have talked my mother into going and we will be calling you soon!

The Boyd's said...

Bruno posted:
“Uma experiência incrível”
5 of 5 starsReviewed May 5, 2014
Google Translation
Devo confessar que eu tinha algum receio em andar de caiaque, primeiro, porque pensava que poderia cair na água, e também pela possibilidade de me deparar com jacarés ou ariranhas. Esta primeira impressão foi logo desfeita. Andar de caiaque foi uma ótima experiência. Estou até pensando em comprar um. Fui com minha mãe e irmã e todos curtimos muito. Os guias, Kenny e Randall são muito atenciosos e o caiaque é muito seguro e fácil de guiar - mesmo nós não tendo nenhuma experiência prévia. A vista é maravilhosa e o passeio é extremamente relaxante. Recomendo muito!

Visited April 2014

The Boyd's said...

Kurt posted
"Thank you very much. We all had a wonderful time. Your knowledge of the St. John's ecosystem was very appreciated and was prefect in helping us to connect with the environment. This was a trip that we will all remember. My parents both mentioned that your tour was the perfect antidote to the overstimulation of Disney World. Hope to see you again some day."

The Boyd's said...

Carollynn and Guy Everett posted:

Dear Ken,
Thank you for an unbelievable experience today! We all had a fabulous time! You were so knowledgeable and friendly that we all were at ease from the very start! I have some photos I'll send you!

Thanks again!

The Boyd's said...


We had a blast on our kayak tour today! I'm really glad that I happened upon your site when finding options of what to do in/or around Orlando. This was the first time anyone in our immediate family had ever been kayaking and I think after this experience we will definitely be doing this again!

Thank you to Kenny and Randall.

Tracey Dohn