Manatee Tour February 23rd, 2010

Stephen and Toni From Scotland, Aaron and Shannon from NC, Linda from MA and George and Joy from PA all came to Florida to soak up some sun. Toni shared some of her photos with us as well. Thanks Toni! The Yellow Crowned Night Herons tucked away in their special spot and the Anhinga drying his wings. It was a beautiful 73 degree day and like the Anhinga we all enjoyed basking in the sun!


Linda Paquin said...

Hi Jenny;

Many thanks for the photos - you really got them up fast - I have sent to many friends and family as they might find it hard to believe "non-sportsy" me actually did it and loved it.

I'll definitely return - hopefully before I go north for the summer!!

Thanks again for a superb tour!

Linda Paquin

Linda Paquin said...

And for "first-timers", you and Kenny are the ones to go with - you're both very pleasant, personable and patient, informative, and make sure everyone is totally safe, relaxed and comfortable and you make sure everyone has a wonderful time!

Thx again,

Joy Andrews said...

Thank you so much for the photos, Jenny. Could you tell us again the exact name of those two wonderful pelican-like birds behind us? We learned so many bird names and are having trouble remembering them all. Next time we will carry a notebook.

Thanks to both you and Kenny for your kindness and patience while we awaited the manatees. We had an amazing time and definitely want to do another tour.


Anonymous said...

You and kenny are great. Very nice, patient and pleasant people. When we go kayaking in FL again it will be with the two of you. We had such a wonderful time. I have some pics I will be sending you! You two take care and hope to see you next year.

Shannon and Aaron Goodin (NC)