Tracy Larkin's Central Florida kayak trip

Tracy came in from CA to do some visiting and took a trip on Rock Springs Run. June 21st, 2010 was a great day to be on the water! There were lots of deer and other animals along the way and at the end of the day the Swallow-tailed Kite showed up to say hello.


Tracy Larkin said...

Thanks Jenny! I had an absolute blast, and it was really nice to meet both of you, too. I couldn’t stop talking about it the whole way back from LA. I can’t wait to take another tour with you or Kenny, next time we’re out. My pictures, as I anticipated, are not very good. They’re all from too far away, or blurry because my hands aren’t very steady – good thing I didn’t want to be a surgeon! Anyway, I’ll still forward them on to you (probably this weekend) when I have time to unpack and transfer them to the computer.
Thanks again!


Tracy Larkin said...

Dear Kenny and Jenny,

Just wanted to say “wow”! What a fantastic time I had on Rock Springs Run! Not only was the scenery spectacular, but having Kenny’s keen eye available to point out all the wildlife, and his in-depth knowledge of and commentary on the history of the area really made the trip an adventure. And as an added bonus, the paddling tips provided by Kenny have been very helpful. I cannot wait to come back and take another tour with you!

Thanks for an amazing experience!
Tracy Larkin