Debbi and Laurie's Nature Excursion 2/12/11

Debbi and Laurie arrived in Mt Dora from Miami and were ready to do some paddling. Kenny took them out on the Wekiva River for a blast of Central Florida Ecology. It was a great day on our "river of grasses".

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Debbi Cian said...

Jenny and Kenny,

Can't tell you how much we enjoyed the run down the Wekiva River. I'm sure there's nothing I can tell you that you haven't heard before about your exceptional customer service and easy accommodating nature. Imagine if the whole world functioned like your operation!

What we didn't know before we went out was that being with Kenny felt like being with an old friend, one we could trust and learn from. Not to mention have load of laughs and shared stories.

The day was absolutely perfect. Skies as blue as Utah and air cold and fresh. I suppose everyone thought it was too cold to go out and we had the river to ourselves. (Pantyhose are the best insulators) The birds didn't spook and we got to get in real close. Looking forward to meeting you Jenny and trying out the other runs.

I think Laurie's photos came out pretty good, hope you enjoy. And Kenny, thanks for turning us on to pizza flavored Doritos.

Debbi Cian