Manatee Play Day February 26th, 2011

I'm not sure who entertained who on this tour ;-). The Manatees were definitely having a grand time with US. They hugged each other, our kayaks, bumped boats, nuzzled, rubbed their bellies on our yaks and basically seemed to have as much of a blast as we did! Then there are the babies on the river, the turtles, birds, it's just a great place to hang out for the day! Todd, Tiffany, Ariel, Chad, Dick, Wayne, Kenny, Pam, Donna, Traci, Shannon and I all had a good laugh and a great paddle!

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Unknown said...

One of the best experiences I've had......and I don't go in Florida water too much!! The manatee were amazing to watch and being so close to them was unlike anything I would have imagined.
Thank you so much for an excellent tour and day!
Keep up the great work and we will be seeing you soon for the Rock Springs Run fo sho!!! ;)

Many thanks,