Kayaking near Orange City, FL March 21st, 2012, the second day of Spring!

The Ferree and Ayres families paddled the St Johns River near Orange City with us today and lo and behold, I believe they found one of the last remaining Manatees! By the way, these are multi-use paddles, isn't that right girls ;-) Life is good...especially if you can give Dad and Grandpa a hard time at the same time ;-)


Gayle said...

Hi Jen & Kenny,
Thank you for the wonderful tour today. We thoroughly enjoyed the water and kayaks/paddling. We found it very informative - Kenny & Randall are great guides & compliment each other. Their joy and love of the river, its habitat and history made the trip very special. I'm so glad the other people cancelled and we got to go. Thanks for the pictures too. After travelling with the Ayers family today, I am ready to bring the grandkids and see the river through their eyes.

Anonymous said...

Dear Kenny, Jen and Randall,
THANK YOU so much for a wonderful morning out on the St. John's River! We had a fantastic time, learned so much about Florida's natural treasures and saw so many incredible flora and fauna. The highlight was the manatee, of big and graceful... but the alligator, vultures, herons, egrets, limpkin (I hope I spelled that one right!), gar, live oaks, spanish moss, spring, indigo, EVERYTHING was so amazing. We can't thank you enough for giving us a break from the busyness of Orlando and providing us the opportunity to get a glimpse at the Florida you obviously love.

Thanks Again,
The Ayres