Alice and Sharon's Silver River August 5th, 2013

We love it when Alice and Sharon come down, they are adventurous souls! Today was the day we were going to make it to the top of Silver River...and we did! There was lots to see along the way. We started out with a Barred Owl showing off for us, the Momma Wood Duck was showing off her teenagers and the Brown Water Snake was out sunning. The Anhinga, Wood Duck, Turtle tree was a nice surprise and the Baby Gators are always fun to watch. As we rounded the corner, there was the Little Blue Heron island and the chatter of their young brings a smile to anyone's face, it's new life and it's an amazing thing. Then right in front of us was the big blue whole, the ledge and the history of Old Florida and it's oldest tourist attraction. The ship wreck that was left from many of the old movies that were filmed there and the other springs that make this such a beautiful place to paddle, it's like traveling back in time. On the way down the clouds started to roll in and that made for some good shade and the current of the river pushed us back home.

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