The last day of September was a great day for Emerald Cut!

The log of life

Leo and Kenny took off down Rock Springs Run with Leo's big camera. There was a little wildlife sunning about ;-). I'm not sure who is guarding who, the Gators or the Turtles but there it is...the log of life if you live it on the river. The Limpkins and Osprey came out to play as did the Great Blue Herons. The Apple Snail Eggs are abundant which is a good sign of clean water and the Damselflies added a little iridescence to the day. Then it was time to put the camera away and paddle Emerald Cut... you can see why it's lovingly called that too. In Florida a little fast water is a welcome sight ;-)!   Click here for a little youtube video of Leo and Kenny's Emerald Cut
Leo's Damselfly, awesome shot Leo, thanks for sharing that with us!

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Leo said...

Hi Jenny,

Great trip today with Kenny thanks - he knows tons of stuff and does great bird calls!

Got some good photos which I'll put on Facebook in the next hour or so.