Gary and Linnea's Rock Springs Run March 7, 2013

Gary took a sit-in and Linnea took a sit-on-top and off they went with Kenny paddling Rock Springs Run. Today they did the full 8 miles and what a beautiful site it is. The water is crystal clear, the Turtles and Gators are out sunning, the Limpkin is noodling around for Apple Snails and the Blue Flag Iris is in full bloom... Spring has Sprung!

Linnea sent us this photo of Gary and Kenny, nice shot! Thanks Linnea!!

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Linnea and Gary said...

Hi Jenny and Kenny,

As Gary and I talked about our vacation, we both agreed that the kayak trip was the winning activity! It is so evident that Kenny loves nature and passes the excitement on to your guests. He has a keen eye for spotting animals that we would have missed without him! We're heading home to Minnesota where they are getting more snow! Should be an interesting drive.

Kind regards,
Linnea and Gary