Graham and Rebecca's Winter Manatee sightings, St Johns River November 15, 2013

Graham and Rebecca, back to the US from the UK, decided that the Winter Manatee Tour would be on their list of things to do this trip. Paddling their way to the spring run, our Winter sentinel, the Bald Eagle showed off his newly found territory while the Great Blue Herons were fishing below. There is a Momma and brand new Baby Manatee taking refuge in the springs and about 48 more of their friends have arrived. After some time with the sunning Turtles and paddling with the Manatees, it was time to head to Snake Creek. On the way the Little Blue Herons, Cattle Egrets, Anhingas and Cormorants were out feeding and we came upon a Manatee grazing on a weed bed. The Climbing Astor which is headed for full bloom creates a purple hue to the river banks and the Primrose compliments that with it's beautiful yellow glow. Winter in's a magical time.

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