Kayaking in Marion County, FL with the Monkeys! 5th of February, 2014

Andy brought his crew over from the UK in search of Monkeys and Alligators on the Silver River. This was their first time kayaking and they took to it likes Ducks to Water. We saw about 6 or so Gators and found the Monkeys about 1/2 way up the run. There were lots of birds out and the Turtles were out sunning too. We got to witness a female Anhinga fixing her lunch. She slung a fish up in the air and swallowed it head first. Then we watched as her throat took on the shape of a sunfish ;-). There were White Ibis, Anhingas, Green, Great Blue and Little Blue Herons about. The Great Egrets, Cormorants, Moorhens, Red-shouldered Hawks and Osprey were out playing too. We had a shower or two but the water was clear and warm and it was a great day to be on the river!

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