Kayaking near Blue Springs, Orange City, FL February 26, 2014

As we started off there was a fine mist on the river. No one seemed to mind though and the birds loved it. Through the oxbow and around the island we had an American Bittern take flight right next to us. There is lots of Spring time action going on. The Great Blue Herons are chasing each other around as are the Red-shouldered Hawks. We got to see the White Ibis, Sandhill Cranes, Wood Storks, Purple Gallinule, Tri-colored and Little Blue Herons, Great and Snowy Egrets, Cormorants and Anhingas. All have some sort of new color variations or fluffy feathers going. We even had a Bald Eagle fly close overhead. The red seeds of the Maple Trees are showing up now and the Ash Trees are shooting new leaves bringing more color to the river. We had a Manatee come up to say "hello" and you could hear the little birds chirping in the woods. For an overcast day, these guys didn't quit....we salute you River Troopers and it was a great day on the water!

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Lynn posted:
Just wanted to let you know what a great time on the water I had today. Ken was great at pointing out birds etc. and filling us in on facts. Really enjoyed it even with the rain. If I get back down this way I would definitely do another one of your trips. Thanks, Lynn