Paddling in Eustis May 17, 2014

As we started up Blackwater Creek, all was calm. We could hear the Carolina Wrens, Pileated Woodpeckers and Northern Parulas singing as we went along. When we got to Lake Norris we soon realized that the adventure was about to begin. The wind was howling from the Northeast and the waves were rolling high. We decided to trek on and let the games begin. This group did great! We headed over to the old homestead as the waves rocked our yaks back and forth, up and down. When we got to the picnic spot everyone was grinning. We walked up and had our snacks by the old barn, went into the pasture to see what we might find there and then got back in our boats. It might have been my imagination but I think the waves were higher coming back ;-). Once we reached the creek, all was calm again and as we drifted downstream a Limpkin and Brown Water Snake were seen along the way. WOW, these guys are real troopers and we were happy to have them with us!  


The Boyd's said...

Cindy posted;
Thank you so much, I had a great time and will definitely be back for another trip with you and Kenny. That was such a beautiful place to paddle, I would even come back for that trip again. I will also pass your information on to friends and family since you and Kenny did such an awesome job, you are highly recommended.


The Boyd's said...

Donna posted;
Jenny, We all had a great time. Great pics! Thanks again.
Donna Cummings