Paddling Rock Springs Run and Emerald Cut Friday the 13th ;-)

Barbara has been with us several times...she calls these trips her mini-vacations ;-) and the past 2 times Ken has joined's always a great time with these two! Friday December 13th, 2013 was no different. Paddling over the 40 ft hole they saw the Big Gator and several River and Common Cooter Turtles that were all sunning the Gator plenty of room. Past the Green Fly Orchids, that Barbara spotted, the Great Blue Heron, White Ibis, Limpkin and Spider Lilies decorated the river and the Dahoon Holly is "beginning to look a lot like Christmas." On the way up Emerald Cut the Giant Leather Ferns are doing well and once at the top, you get to glide back down which is always a ton of fun. Except for a few paddlers early on, they had the river to themselves! Life is good!!  

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