The treasures of Blackwater Creek April 8th, 2014

Overcast skies and a little rain couldn't keep 2 Minnesotans and 1 Florida Boy out of the black water swamp today. The flat water made for some really nice reflections. The new green Cypress needles and wet knees of these giant old trees really stood out too. At one point it looked like "Indian Summer" the way the sun was peeking through. We did get to see Florida's Limpkin and they are always a treat. There were several Ospreys flying and sounding off while others were building or sitting on their nests. The Spatterdock Water Lily, Pickerel Weed  and Duck Potato are all in bloom sending yellow, purple and shades of white along Lake Norris. As we paddled back into the creek we spotted the planter of fern that Mother Nature made and the rains let up for us. Life is good when you get to spend the day with a couple of your adventure buddies!

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