With ponchos donned... a paddling adventure! 10th of November 2014


It wasn't sprinkling when we started out but that changed shortly after the launch. With Nigel and Deirdre from the UK and Preston and Tirzah from WA a little wetness wasn't going to spoil their day. Rain? What rain, lets go on an adventure! We paddled around the island and there were several birds out feeding. Some of our migratory friends are down now and we got to see the Little Blue Herons, Great Egrets, Cattle Egrets, Anhingas, Cormorants, Red-shouldered Hawks and a Harrier. As we headed toward the springs we saw a few Manatees and then had an encounter at the mouth of the spring run. With ponchos donned, we paddled toward Snake Creek and back into the flooded swamps of the St Johns River we stopped for our picnic lunch. These guys have now been classified as CFNA Troopers! This is the stuff memories are made of ;-)!

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The Boyd's said...

Nigel & Deirdre Posted;

Thanks Jen! Great photos! Kenny gave us another fantastic kayaking trip! It really was quite amazing seeing these magical gentle giants so close to us! And no gators spotted this time - result!

See you again!

Nigel & Deirdre