It's like paddling over the top of an aquarium! May 1, 2015

As we paddled by an Osprey dove down just inches from a Bald Eagle that was perched high in the Cypress Tree. On the other side of the river there were 2 medium size and big Gator basking in the sun. Up in the spring run we could see Garfish, Bream, Tilapia, Bass and Mullet in the crystal clear water. It's like paddling over the top of an aquarium. Off toward Snake Creek we caught a glimpse of a Swallow-tailed Kite as it drifted overhead, we could hear the hoots of the Barred Owl and there were several Red-shouldered Hawks about as well. Mother Nature runs a pretty good program and we just really appreciate her sharing her many jewels with all of us. Life is good!

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