Another Great Paddling Day on the St Johns River

It was near perfect on the St Johns River today. A nice cool front passed through and the animals were out feeding. There was a young White Ibis sitting in a tree overhead and a young Great Blue Heron out for its first fishing trip. The Ospreys were all about and the clear spring run was full of fish; Longnose Gar, schools of Tilapia, Mullet, Catfish, Bream and giant Grass Carp. We had a few Manatee sightings and one close encounter. A Manatee came over and “nosed” one of the kayaks - cool stuff! The Turtles were out sunning, we got to see a few Gator backs, the sky was clear blue, the Air Plant is in full bloom and it was a great day to be celebrating life!

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