From St Augustine to paddling the St Johns River December 2, 2014

Mike's friends Chris and Malcolm came over from Norway and paddling with the Manatees was on the list of things to do. Blue Springs which flows into the St Johns River in Orange City is a Winter haven for them this time of year and it's the coolest thing to have them come right up to your kayak like a gentle giant. Back in Snake Creek the marsh is still flooded which creates great opportunities to paddle within the trees. We got to see 4 Alligators sitting up on a clump of Water Pennywort sunning themselves and the Great Blue and Little Blue Herons were out playing as well as the Anhingas and Cormorants. The Great Egrets and Snowy Egrets were bumping around catching minnows while the Turtles were sunning on the logs. This is the epitome of Central Florida and it was a great day to be paddling with friends.    

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