Kayaking with the Florida Manatees

We had a gorgeous day on the St Johns River. Manatees coming and going in and out of Blue Springs feeding on Water Lettuce and other aquatic vegetation. A Limpkin, not far from our kayaks, watched as we paddled by while Great and Little Blue Herons were out looking for mates. Up by the springs we had a few close Manatee encounters, they are such gentle creatures. Look but don't touch... that’s the rules of Mother Nature. Out around the swamps a Snowy Egret was perched on a Manatee’s back feeding off the Minnows the Manatee was kicking up. The cohesive relationships of the wildlife is a wondrous thing. We saw a few Gators and the 2 Bald Eagles watching over us was certainly a majestic sight. It was another awesome day on the river!

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