25 MPH Winds Can't Keep a Good Man Down :-)

Paddling Blackwater Creek was fine but when we saw whitecaps on Lake Norris we decided to abort the mission :-). The wind might have run us off the lake but we were all ready to paddle and Dora Canal proved to be a great option! The rookery is in full chatter and if they are not already sitting on their nests the birds are in full breeding plumage. The Little Blue Herons are sporting their cobalt blue bills, Anhingas are full on green eyed and the Great Blue Herons have their shaggy fronts and their wispy heads going. The White Ibis bills and legs are bright red and the Limpkins are calling and chasing each other across the river. We got a good look at about an 8 foot Gator and a little guy too. It was awesome to be kayaking with our friends from Finland again. It’s like paddling with family!  

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