Blue Springs... what a beautiful place to kayak

Nick and his family paddled with us 5 years ago on the Wekiva River and the kids are all grown up now! With kayaking still a favorite pastime off we went in search of Mother Nature’s treasures. Paddling the St Johns River always produces lots of wildlife and today we were blessed. A good sized Gator swam along the shoreline mimicking our speed so we got to watch him for quite a while. The Turtles were out sunning and the Tri-colored Herons, Great and Little Blues, Great Egrets, Anhingas and Ospreys were also out scoping the waterway. Seeing the transition of the tea colored St Johns River water into Blue Springs Run’s crystal clear is amazing and there are schools of fish swimming right under your kayak! James and Bethany had Go Pros and got some nice underwater action shots. Back out on the St Johns we got to see a few Manatees splashing around and that made for a nice day paddling with some old friends!     

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