Our first sighting for 2017 kayaking with the Manatees!

We started our kayak tour yesterday with no expectations of any Manatee sightings. As we cruised around the island we found Limpkins, Anhingas, Great Blue and Little Blue Herons, Great and Snowy Egrets and some White Ibis. So as far as bird sightings we were off to a good start. Then we headed toward Blue Springs and saw a little Gator sunning himself on a log and some Turtles doing the same. The St Johns River has just now opened back up from Hurricane Irma flooding and we were happy to be paddling there again. When we reached Blue Springs to our surprise the water was clear and there were 5 or 6 Manatees hanging out. We had a few good Manatee encounters with them swimming under our kayaks and we were ecstatic. Back in Snake Creek the river was high enough to paddle through the trees and since that’s such a rare thing to be able to do we ventured further. On the way back to the boat launch we caught a good look at one of the biggest Alligators I’ve ever seen. He was sunning on the bank and was every bit of 12 feet long. As we got ready for a group photo we noticed Mac had a small lizard that had hitched a ride on his hat. Mother Nature and her critters are funny things! It was a great day spent with a great group of paddlers and once again we’re kayaking with the Manatees. #KayakingWithKenny

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