Kayaking the St Johns River in Spring... this tour is a wildlife odyssey!

Kayaking the St Johns River there is always something new going on and the wildlife is abundant. The Air Plants and Bastard Indigos are starting to bloom, Purple Gallinules and Limpkins are chasing each other around and Bald Eagles are copping thermals with the Vultures. The Manatees are moving in and out of Blue Springs and will soon be headed back to their Summer haunt, the mighty St Johns. Swallow-tailed Kites are here now overlapping theirs with the migration of the Kingfishers. Seeing Turtles along the river out sunning with Gators is classic Central Florida. We got to see Pink-eyed Pete the old Gator that calls this area home and Little Blue Herons in their calico phase. What an awesome group to paddle with, great wildlife, weather and a special time spent kayaking the St Johns River!

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Christina said...

These are so great! Thank you so much and can’t wait to go out with you guys again.