One of the most beautiful waterways to kayak in all of Central Florida

It's always a great day when we get to kayak with our friends from Finland. Rock Spring Run with a trip up Emerald Cut has got to be one of the most beautiful waterways in Central Florida and one of our favorite places to paddle. Spring has arrived and so have Teemu, Tea and family! Today we got to see Great Blue Herons fishing, Little Blue Herons in the white phase, Limpkins cracking Apple Snails, White Ibis and Great Egrets. Turtles and Alligators out basking in the sun... as were we. The Lizard Tail, Willow Trees, Spider Lily, Swamp Dogwood and Pickerel Weed are in bloom as are many others and on the way down Emerald Cut we watched 2 River Otters playing in the run. Some of the most precious things in the world come from friendships made and watching the little ones grow up with Mother Nature!   

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